Kids learn lifetime skills while earning credits.

Through our unique Earn-a-Bike workshops, kids complete hands-on lessons in bike mechanics and bike safety, while gaining credits towards their own bike, parts and accessories.

Additionally, this program provides youth:
  • A safe, productive and fun place to go after school.
  • A community to which they belong and where they can interact with other kids.
  • Ongoing support from caring adults.
  • Job training and first steps towards successful employment as adults.

Over the years, some participants have gone on to have careers in bike mechanics or have become instructors themselves to pass along the joy and knowledge of biking to other kids. Our Earn-a-Bike program is offered through several chapters nationwide.


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Tell others about our Earn-a-Bike Program!

  • “Really, Earn-a-Bike made a big difference as I was able to earn my first few bikes there while volunteering and that helped me get around town. It was like my first job so it helped prepare me for the working world without all the responsibility.”

  • “Trips for Kids definitely changed my life. I never forget the Earn-a-Bike program. It kept me out of trouble and pretty much developed my mind to be more grown-up. It made me focus on a goal. I got to meet a lot of good people there. It was a safe environment and fun overall – I’m glad I did it. I learned mechanically how to repair bikes that the average person doesn’t know. It taught me how to communicate with customers, handle sales, be courteous, and know what you are talking about. Trips for Kids has been like my second family.”

  • “I was driving by on my bike and I got a bullet in my leg at 14 years old. It was a shocking story. TFK took me away from the bad environment and it gave me an idea of working with my hands. Now I’m in my third year of automotive tech and next semester I will take accounting classes.”

Find an Earn-a-Bike Program Near You: