Mobile Bike Workshops bring the joy of biking and bike ownership to kids at their school or community after-school sites. Trips for Kids provides the bikes, helmets and tools, as well as an instructor who gives lessons on safe bike riding skills and mechanics.

This invaluable program helps youth participants:
  • Understand the importance of daily physical activity.
  • Improve physical dexterity and mental focus.
  • Gain safe riding skills for roads and paths.
  • Feel empowered to own and care for a bike.

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Tell others about our Mobile Bike Workshops!

  • “The Trips for Kids Mobile Bike Program has had a tremendous impact on the kids at our Boys & Girls Club in Marin City. Each week our Club Members wait in anticipation for Mr. Jon’s van to pull up. The program offers our members an education on and off of the bike.”

  • “Without Trips for Kids, most of our students would not have the opportunity to ride a bike, let alone learn bike safety and repair based on their economic circumstances. The program also encourages an active and healthy lifestyle.”

  • “Over the last three school years the Trips for Kids Mobile Bike program has served not only as a great program partner, but also as a major incentive for our students to stay on track academically and behaviorally.”

  • “The Mobile Bike program is so popular that not all kids can participate due to space and because of this they have to behave in order to earn the right to go each week. As a result students do a better job of focusing on their homework and participating in other programs.”