Start A Chapter

Maytown Kentucky ChapterWhen founder Marilyn Price first conceived the idea of Trips for Kids® in the late '80's, she learned that a group in Southern California, called Adventure Trails, was doing the same thing. Concerned that she did not possess the skills to develop a successful organization, Price wrote a letter to Adventure Trails asking for advice. Adventure Trails' response came in the form of an encouraging letter assuring Price that she could do it.

That letter was extremely helpful and after a decade of success, Price realized that Trips for Kids had something to give back. Trips for Kids was founded in 1999 to provide equipment, program materials, advice, and encouragement to new youth bike programs throughout the world. If you share Marilyn Price's vision of introducing kids to the environment through the excitement of a mountain bike ride, we are here to help you realize that dream.

To determine if you want to start your own Trips for Kids chapter, read about the benefits of being a Trips for Kids chapter, the answers to frequently asked questions, and the responsibilities that becoming a chapter entails. When you are ready to take the next step, find out how to join and the resources that are available to help you get started.

Change a life

Trips for Kids has changed kids — I saw it over and over again — every trip I took with my students.

Shannon Puckett, teacher (Alameda, CA)