Your bikes and parts make our wheels go round!

Trips for Kids operates ‘recyclery’ bike shops that help support our youth cycling programs. These shops are more than just bike stores; they keep used bikes out of landfills and provide affordable, environmentally-friendly modes of transportation.

How does it work? Our specialized mechanics refurbish and spruce up donated bikes so they can be resold as viable and desirable bikes at deeply discounted prices. All profits made from these sales go back to support our youth biking programs. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

This model has been a proven success for supporting our chapters’ activities. TFK founder, Marilyn Price, established the first recyclery shop in 1994 as a way for Bay Area riders to get rid of their unwanted bikes while making a positive impact on the community and the environment. Over the past decade, our shops have accepted millions of dollars’ worth of new and used bicycles, parts, accessories and clothing from individuals and manufacturers across the country.

Donating to Our Re-cyclery Bike Shops

Have an old bike laying around that you don’t use? Upgrading to a new bike? Whatever your reason for parting with your beloved bike, consider donating it to your local Trips for Kids recyclery shop and giving your bike a second life.

Donations are 100% tax-deductible (you’ll get a receipt) and bikes are either refurbished by our bike shop mechanics or salvaged for parts.

Buying a Bike

Our shop teams make it easy and fun to find the perfect bike! Knowledgeable and up-to-speed with the best bike technology, we’ll get you riding on a set of wheels best suited for your budget and style. If we don’t have something in stock for you, our staff will happily notify you if new inventory arrives that matches what you are looking for. By shopping at our recycleries, you’re doing your part by supporting a great cause!


Bike Shop Testimonials

  • “ I CANNOT BELIEVE A PLACE LIKE THIS IS REAL!!! So, as someone who has ridden thousands of miles on their bike, I have also spent thousands of dollars on parts. This place is not only centered around a good cause it’s an amazing deal. If you know what you are looking for you can save a ton of money. If you have no idea what you are looking for, the exceptionally nice staff will probably be more than happy to help you out. And, if you want to spend all day looking for bike parts you didn’t realize you needed, than this is the place will seem like bike parts heaven!”

  • “Wow – the Re-Cyclery is a gem. In the past few months, we’ve gotten two amazing used bikes for my girls and donated old bikes for tax deductions. The quality of the used bikes we bought was outstanding. The staff is really the heart of this place; they are so dedicated and helpful. I wish I’d found this place a while ago – I’d recommend it as the first stop for anyone who wants a bike.”

  • “The best thing I liked about going here were the service and prices. The guys were VERY helpful and VERY informative. I am so happy with my purchases, I love my bike and I officially want to be buried with it when I go, and my kids cant stop riding their bikes. Thank you to the Re-Cyclery staff for your help! I’ll definitely be back!”

  • “What an amazing business. I have worked with Trips for Kids and bought and donated for many years. The staff are wonderful, the deals are great, the philosophy is amazing. Empower children and the community. Vocational skills, health, environment, positive focus. I will never, ever go to a new bike shop, especially for my kids. I just picked up a bike for my 7 year old yesterday and traded in his old one. He’s going bike crazy and it’s a beautiful thing. Thanks all and keep up the brilliant work.”