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Week of April 7, 2019

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2019 Chapter Support Ordering Process

We are excited to announce that beginning April 15, you can begin ordering your 2019 chapter support package items. This year, support kits will be divided between two designated time frames.

During each time frame listed below, you will be able to order up to $250 worth of merchandise per order (retail value is between $750-$1000 per value) + free shipping from our online chapter support page.

Ordering Time Frames

  1. April 15 - July 31 (Order #1)
  2. August 1 - November 30 (Order #2)

Gift Code to Apply

Use the following code to place your first order: ChapterSupportQTR1-2

Brief overview:

  • Gift codes can be used for items listed on the chapter support page.
  • Gift code shipping orders include free shipping although fees apply to items in excess of gift code order benefitNote: National will reimburse brokerage fees for Canadian gift code shipping orders as long as receipts are provided within 30-days of their brokerage payment.
  •  Items will be shipped to chapters within 14 business days.
  • Due to inventory and fairness to all chapters, quantities may be limited on certain items.
  •  Item availability and inventory is never guaranteed and is subject to change. Orders are filled on a first come-first served basis.
  • If you do not use your code within the specified time frame, it will expire.
  • The entire code amount must be used within the same transaction.
  • Only one gift code per chapter, per time frame can be used. Make sure to designate one person from your chapter to place order.
  • Your chapter must have an "active" chapter status to take advantage of this benefit. This information is included in the ordering process question and answer sheet.

Please read the full chapter support ordering process question and answer sheet by clicking HERE. If your chapter is not eligible to order during either time frame, your order will be declined until requirements have been met. If you have further questions after reviewing the ordering process question and answer sheet, please contact Amy Carver at

Happy ordering!



You are able purchase NEW bicycle chains in “bulk” from Trips for Kids National sponsor KMC Chains.

How It Works:

  • Please be advised that purchasing bicycle chains in bulk means ordering quantities of (25) chains at a time. These chains will not come individually packaged. (25) Chains will arrive in one box with the chains all inside one bag. The chains will also come with (25) master links.
  • You cannot mix and match chains from different speeds to create your box of (25) chains. If you are interested in purchasing 6, 7, or 8 speed chains (these speed chains are all compatible with each other), then you must purchase a minimum of (25) chains of that one chain size (such as 25 of the 6 speed, 25 of the 7 speed, or 25 of the 8 speed). You are unable to mix and match speeds. which is how many come in one bulk box.
  • The price for each chain is $4.00, so $100 per box.
  • You may purchase other sized chains such as 9, 10, and 11 speed as well under the same format mentioned above and at a slightly higher price. If you are interested in purchasing .

To place an order:

Contact Justin Pritchard at KMC Chains. You can reach him at (909) 392-2045 or email him at to place your order.



Trips for Kids Ottawa's Regional Program Manager, Cat Weaver, is photographed on right along side a program participate.

Back in 2007, Trips for Kids Ottawa founder, Cat Weaver, started an after-school program loaning out her helmets and bikes to kids that didn’t have their own in her Bell’s Corners neighborhood of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The program, she named Mountain Biking Children and Teens, struck a chord in her community which began serving 30-40 kids per season. A few years later, a local outlet shared her story which ended up reaching some people that wanted to help her transform her vision by offering her the opportunity to grow.

In 2010, Cat formed her not-for-profit Trips for Kids Ottawa and in 2011, she became an official member of the Trips for Kids chapter network. Ottawa serves all youth between 7-17 years of age, loaning bikes and helmets to kids that do not have their own.

Last year, Trips for Kids Ottawa reached more than 550 youth participants through their Discovery Trails Rides, Adventure Club Rides, Mobile Bike Clinics, Earn-a-Bike Workshops and Youth-at-Work programs.In addition, they also provide snowshoeing and nature exploration programs out of their chapter. Cat is the only part-time employee, volunteering many more of her hours along-side her small army of dedicated volunteers. Due to her dedication and passion to serve more youth, Ottawa has added one additional site location this year with an another one coming on-board in the fall.

Cat shares, "There are many youth who have trouble getting involved in a sport. Team sports can be competitive, organized sports can be expensive, many youth do not feel they are athletic enough. Everyone can bike! I have enjoyed reliving my first mountain bike rides through seeing our youth on their first ride. Everyone needs a sport they can enjoy at their own level. Biking with Trips for Kids Ottawa is where so many kids feel they belong. "

Thank you Cat and your dedicated team of volunteers for introducing youth to the benefits of a bicycle and the importance of connecting to nature in Ottawa. Ride on!



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Future Dates for Sea Otter Classic

Can't make it the Sea Otter Classic this year? Do not fret, we are sharing future dates below so you can mark your calendars and plan ahead!

April 16-19, 2020

April 15-18, 2021


WHERE TO FIND THEM: Previous Chapter Newsletters

Access all 2019 chapter newsletters and updates by clicking HERE.


Important upcoming dates...


11-14: National at Sea Otter Classic

13: 2nd Annual Jamboree at Sea Otter


08: Bike to School Day

17: Bike to Work Day


April Birthdays

19:    Jaime Baeza     

         Trips for Kids Tulare County (CA)

30:    Fred Reyes

         Trips for Kids Rogue Valley (OR)    

Is your birthday in April, but not displayed above? Please contact Amy with your birth month and day (the year is not necessary to share, we're all kids' at heart!)


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