The Trail Blazer Week of May 26

Trips for Kids Chapter Newsletter

Week of May 26, 2019

In this issue:

  • Importance of Video Snippets
  • Clif Bars Shipped
  • Chapter Dads Send Us Your Photos
  • Where to find them: Previous Chapter Newsletters
  • Important Upcoming Events
  • June birthdays

View how Trips for Kids Marin combined various footage to create video.


Not everyone is able to see our programs operate in person. They cannot witness, first-hand, the smiles that form nor the level of concentration we see in the eyes of our youth participants as they move through the trail, change a tire or wrench-on a bolt.

Many chapters also do not have the means to produce a video to show others their programming, but it does not have to be costly and national can help you build a story. Capturing video snippets during your rides

and workshops are incredibly valuable and can be combined with other footage to create an impactful video. You can help build a library of footage that national can work with to create an imagery for YOU to use! Your videos do not have to be long and footage can consist of:

  • Youth getting ready to ride or wrench
  • During ride, while learning and/or wrenching
  • After they ride and wrench

Also try interviewing them individually or as a group. Ask them questions such as:

  • How did the ride/workshop make you feel?
  • What did you learn about yourself today?
  • What did you enjoy most about today’s experience?
  • Why do you like participating in Trips for Kids?

Are you working with youth from a third party such as Boys and Girls Club or Parks and Recreation department and feel pressed for time? Before their ride/workshop occurs, ask them if they would identify two to three participants who would be willing to answer a question about their experience and build in 10 minutes at the end to interview them while others are packing up. They can identify participants prior to arrival at location.

Riding season is gearing up now. Try taking a few videos with your cell phones during your next ride and/or workshop and email them to We just might be able to assemble footage from multiple chapters and provide for everyone to use!

A variety of video options can be made available based on the amount of useful footage we receive from chapters. Your participation is crucial in order to make this project successful.



We are receiving word from some chapters that their Clif Bars have arrived. Keep an eye out for yours if they have not reached you yet.

View the criteria in last week's Trail Blazer issue to see if you qualified to receive your bars directly.


Trips for Kids River Ratz Cycling Chapter Director, Tom Welge, photographed with his sons.


We appreciate all the chapter moms who participated in our Bike Month Mother's Day campaign.

Do not forget that through the month of June we are honoring our chapter dads by highlighting you on social media.

Please send Amy a photo (or photos) of yourself with your kids, grandkids or fur babies to to be included.

We will share all photos provided through June 30.



We LOVE to hear about all the good work you are doing in your communities. Please remember to tag us on your social media posts!

National Facebook: @tripsforkidsnational

National Instagram: @tripsforkidsnational

Twitter: @tripsforkids

Please use #tripsforkids at the end of your social media posts. Not sure how to tag someone on social media? Click HERE for instructions.


WHERE TO FIND THEM: Previous Chapter Newsletters

Access all 2019 chapter newsletters and updates by visiting HERE.


Important upcoming dates...


09: International Children's Day

18-20: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (Denver, CO)

27: Chapter Round Table Discussion

Remember, chapter support kits can now be ordered through July 31!


June Birthdays

27:      Brandon Baeza     

          Trips for Kids Tulare County (CA)

July Birthdays

07:      Melissa Niemiec     

          Trips for Kids Statford PAL (CA)

27:      Raphael Harris

          Trips for Kids High Desert Riders (CA)     

30:      Lynne Kunins

          Trips for Kids FLIPANY (FL)     

Is your birthday in June or July, but not displayed above? Please contact Amy with your birth month and day (the year is not necessary to share, we're all kids' at heart!)


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