Trips for Kids Mid-Columbia Rides into Washington State


We are pleased to announce our newest chapter family member from Kennewick, Washington. Trips for Kids Mid-Columbia is sponsored by Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop, a nonprofit community owned bike organization whose goals are to expand bicycle usage and knowledge by providing public access to educational materials, workspace, and tools/parts through a member owned and supported central location.  Our Mid-Columbia chapter will serve local elementary and middle schools by operating  both the Discovery Trails Rides and Mobile Bike Clinics program.

As long as “mother nature” cooperates, their chapter director David Spaulding hopes to hold their first ride on Sunday March 17.  The Mid-Columbia chapter plans to work with youth ages 10-17 with many of their kids coming from lower or middle-income families, along with some who are at risk and children of immigrant families from Africa and other countries.

Meet Trips for Kids Mid-Columbia Chapter Director David Spaulding

Meet Trips for Kids Mid-Columbia Chapter Director David Spaulding

Spaulding was first introduced to Trips for Kids ten years ago while working for REI in Denver. “Representatives from Trips for Kids Denver came to our work location to talk to some of our employees and made us aware they were in need of volunteers for an upcoming ride.” After learning more about the program, David was motivated to help out. “There was about 25 kids there that day. Some were really excited and some not so much, but I got to watch their attitudes transform throughout the ride and it really resonated with me.” 

Although that ride took place ten years ago, David shared, “That one afternoon was so impactful to me that I knew that very day I wanted to start a Trips for Kids program when I moved to Washington.” It has taken some time to get to a position where he is able to offer programming in his area, but he can’t wait to get started.   “I was happy to see Trips for Kids  now offers a  menu of programs including their Discovery Trails Rides and Adventure Club programs, Earn-a-Bike Workshops, Mobile Bike Clinics, and ReCyclery Bike Shops. We have been working towards setting up these kinds of programs at our shop and felt a Trips for Kids chapter would fit well with our existing community bike programs.”

“We are truly pleased that David was able to witness our programming firsthand before he got started.  It speaks volumes that he had such a wonderful experience with our Denver chapter, so much so that he was driven to bring our programming to his own community through his bike shop,” states Robert Alan Ping, executive director of Trips for Kids National Office. “We are excited to work with David and his chapter as they begin their journey with our Trips for Kids family.”

Please join us in welcoming David and his team into our family and wish him luck on their first ride of the season. 

Amy Carver