Trips for Kids Metro New York

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Trips for Kids Metro New York's Director:

Andree Sanders

Why I became involved with Trips for Kids:

The most beautiful thing Trips for Kids does is bring this sense of freedom, of excitement and accomplishment to each and every child we touch!   It is contagious.  In all my years, every ride I go on, I see these kids transform before my eyes.  They start off hesitant, unsure of their ability, but with a bit of coaching, demonstration and team work they start to trust their abilities and go for it!  They leave these ride different kids than when they arrived.



Chapter contact information:

315 West 106th St., New York, NY 10025

Phone: 631-439-0271  


Programs offered: 

  • Trail Rides Program
  • Host Community Events
  • Ride Clubs
  • Race Teams
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                                      Follow them on Social Media

Facebook page: Trips-For-Kids-Metro-New-York

Instagram: @TripsforKidsMetroMY

Twitter: @andreetfk

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