Tread Lightly? Not a Chance!

Finding the right tire is essential to having a smooth ride. Trips for Kids teams up with partners like CST Tires-USA who help our kids roll smoothly through their rides of discovery. Over the past six years, CST Tires-USA has generously provided Trips for Kids with more than $40,000 in program support and products that help our national network of community-based chapters maintain their bicycle fleets. Trips for Kids is grateful for long-time industry partners like CST Tires-USA that help keep us pedaling.

Both organizations are passionate about getting more kids outdoors and onto trails – regardless of the terrain – and feel this can be accomplished by making bicycling easily accessible to every kid in every community. CST Tires-USA (a division of Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co.) brand tires can be found in 150 countries and include tires and tubes for bicycles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, autos, trucks, forklifts and agricultural and lawn and garden equipment.

CST Tires-USA prides itself at engineering tires with high standards for durability and performance, all without breaking the bank. There are CST tires to handle almost any surface and appeal to riders of all skill levels. Because of their support, Trips for Kids can get more bikes to youth who need them and help build confidence and skills to become future bicycling enthusiasts.

Partnering with Trips for Kids at a national level ensures that CST Tires-USA are being enjoyed by a diverse group of youth in communities across the country,” stated Andrew Bartek, Manager, Bicycle division of Maxxis International, and CST Tires-USA, both part of Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co. “We look forward to growing with Trips for Kids as they expand their network of chapters to even more communities.

With USA operations based in Suwanee, Georgia, CST Tires-USA can be found through most major distributors and have products that meet the needs of almost any rider – from professional to weekend warrior.

As one of the nation’s largest bicycling charities, it just makes sense to team up with the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycle tires,” said Robert Alan Ping, executive director of the Trips for Kids national team. “We are grateful to have long time friends who are aligned with our mission.