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It was very challenging and enjoyable even though I saw my life flash before my eyes... The millions of trees jumping out in front of me... I can’t wait to do it again and see if I can improve my ‘skills’ and attitude about challenges.
— Chloe K. Age 16

Throughout North America, Trips for Kids has had a major impact and changed kids’ lives:

  • Since 1988, 200,000 kids have participated in our Discovery Trail Rides and Adventure Clubs programs.

  • Our goal is to reach 500,000 kids by 2028

  • More than 12,000 kids have participated in our Earn-a-Bike workshops since 1994.

  • Each year we help 20,000 kids experience the outdoors and learn new skills such as bike safety and maintenance.

  • 36% of our participating youth are girls

  • 23% of our participating youth are black, 34% are Latino, 28% are white, and 15% are Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander, other

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