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November 2018

National's First Full Year | Chapter Spotlight: Birmingham | Sponsor Spotlight: Giant Bicycles

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What a full first year it has been!

It has been 30 years since Trips for Kids was first born! We are proud to share that Trips for Kids National is now officially more than one year old, and we have achieved a variety of accomplishments during our first year in practice including:

  • Receiving our own 501C3 Nonprofit Designation
  • Working with 75 Chapters in the US and Canada
  • Hiring a small but mighty Team of 4.5 Staff Members
  • Assembling a new Board of Directors, while Recruiting New Members
  • Delivering more than 40 Chapter Support Packages to our chapters
  • Developing Five New Chapters with additional ones emerging
  • Creation of Information Sharing Channels for our chapter leaders
  • In the process of developing a Chapter Technical Resource Center
  • Compiling and assembling 30 Years of Programming into a Comprehensive Toolkit
  • Focusing on New Chapter Development in areas of the US that would greatly benefit from Trips for Kids programming
  • Developing an Annual National Marketing Event in conjunction with our chapters
  • Creation of a revenue sharing Chapter Retail Network

Our goal in 2019 is to make Trips for Kids a household name among cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts and all people who want kids to lead healthier lifestyles. With your support we know we will get there. To thank you, we wish to share this brief reflection video from our first year as Trips for Kids National.

Click the photo below to access our 2018 reflection video!


Trips for Kids Birmingham uses the Bicycle to Fight Childhood Obesity and Disease

Five years ago, while volunteering for Red Mountain Park in Birmingham, AL, Doug Brown read about Trips for Kids in American Trails Magazine and that moment changed his life course. At the time, Doug was a successful local insurance broker and avid cyclist, but he was searching for something more.

Birmingham is in the national top 10 for obesity and diabetes. With the obesity and diabetes crisis in the Birmingham area rising, Doug felt he could really make positive impact in his community by introducing kids to the benefits of biking. 

“We have great trails and parks in the metro area. There is a master plan to connect and build 250 miles of trail in the county over the next 30 years... I liked what I read about Trips for Kids in an American Trails publication. It seemed like a good fit." -Doug

Click here to read more about the Birmingham Chapter


A Giant Industry Leader with a Giant Heart

Advocacy is not just a word, but a common practice for Trips for Kids gold sponsor, Giant Bicycles. Industry leaders can choose to lead in a variety of ways with leadership extending far beyond their product's market share. Giant Bicycles is not only a cycling industry leader, but is also a leader in creating a corporate culture that strives to encourage their employees, customers and the general public alike to give back to their communities. Via their main tool, the bicycle, the corporation actively supports programs that encourage others to lead healthier lives while also championing for safer bike paths and trails for all to enjoy.

Learn more about our partnership with Giant Bicycles


Trips for Kids Online ReCyclery Holiday Sale

The holiday shopping season is upon us and we want to share a shopping alternative that will not only provide you with some amazing deals, but also help Trips for Kids at the same time.

The Trips for Kids Online Recyclery Bike Shop is open for business. You can browse a fabulous selection of both new and used items donated by our generous sponsors. As a thank you to our supporters, we are jump starting your shopping experience with us by offering a 10% discount on all the items listed. Just type Holiday2018 in the discount code field at check-out. This offer is good till December 31st.

Each purchase you make helps fund our Trips for Kids programs across the US and Canada.

Click here to shop!

Photo from Trips for Kids Sacramento

Photo from Trips for Kids Ottawa

Photo from Trips for Kids Bulldog Riders


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