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April 2019

Remembering Our Friend Robin Williams | USA Today Grant Challenge | Chapter Spotlight: Mid-Columbia Rides into Washington | The Sea Otter Classic Experience

Remembering Our Friend Robin Williams

Photographed from l to r, Trips for Kids Board Member, Pat Gallery; Actor and Trips for Kids Advisory Board Member, Robin Williams; and Trips for Kids Founder, Marilyn Price.


Beginning Tuesday, April 16, Trips for Kids will celebrate our friend, sponsor and former Trips for Kids Honorary Advisory Board Member, Robin Williams, by asking people to share their bicycle-related memories of this true icon. 2019 is the five-year anniversary of his death.

Did you know that Robin was a bicycle fanatic? He especially loved road riding, and was often seen riding Marin County’s beautiful roads and trails (the area where our flagship Trips for Kids Marin chapter is located).

Robin’s career spanned four decades. Whether you remember him as the crazy alien 'Mork from Ork’ who tried leading The Fonz back to his home planet, or starring in a slew of unforgettable movies such as Good Morning Vietnam, The Dead Poet's Society, and Goodwill Hunting, or riding and goofing off at the Tour de France, it's hard not to know who Robin Williams is.

To Trips for Kids Founder Marilyn Price, well, he was just a nice guy named Robin who would stop by our ReCyclery to donate his personal bike swag to Trips for Kids or attend one of our fundraising events to lend his support. Marilyn shared, "I have nothing but great memories of the times I met Robin. The first time was in 1996 after an article had appeared on me in a bicycling magazine as a local hero. I was out on my bike advertising our Summer Bike swap and I always carried my swap fliers with me and passed them out to all bicyclists I would run into. I saw a group of bicyclists outside a coffee shop in Mill Valley (CA) and stopped to give each of them a flier. I did notice that one was Robin. When I handed them out he said 'I just saw you in a bicycling magazine'. I answered back 'You look pretty familiar too' and walked away. I couldn't believe I said what I did as I am not a clever person." 

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There is only one day left to participate in the USA TODAY NETWORK’s COMMUNITY THRIVES CAMPAIGN and we are SO close to reaching our $10,000 goal.

Your donation today will help us reach 25,000 youth this year, and help us build brighter futures and remove barriers to active healthy lifestyles, STEM learning and environmental stewardship, and career readiness for underserved youth.

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Mid-Columbia Rides Into Washington

David Spaulding was first introduced to Trips for Kids ten years ago while working for REI in Denver. “Representatives from Trips for Kids Denver came to our work location to talk to some of our employees and made us aware they were in need of volunteers for an upcoming ride.” After learning more about the program, David was motivated to help out. “There was about 25 kids there that day. Some were really excited and some not so much, but I got to watch their attitudes transform throughout the ride and it really resonated with me.” 

Although that ride took place ten years ago, David shared, “That one afternoon was so impactful to me that I knew that very day I wanted to start a Trips for Kids program when I moved to Washington.”

Click on THIS link to read about their participation and view photos.

"We have been working towards setting up these kinds of programs at our shop and felt a Trips for Kids chapter would fit well with our existing community bike programs. "  

-David Spaulding Trips for Kids Mid-Columbia Chapter Director


The Sea Otter Classic Experience

Just talking about the Sea Otter Classic can get hearts pumping with excitement as the event dates draw nearer. For close to two decades, Trips for Kids Marin has participated in this unique fun-filled festival held at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, in Monterey, California. Trips for Kids staff, participants and volunteers from several chapters are gearing up for another adventure this week from April 11-14.

When the Sea Otter Classic launched in April 1991, it consisted of two days of bike racing that included 350 athletes participating and 150 spectators. The event is the brain child of co-founders Frank Yohannan and Lou Rudolph.

This year the event celebrates it's 28th year and has grown into a four-day festival that is considered to be the

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Photo from Trips for Kids Leaville (CO)

Photo from Trips for Kids Metro New York (NY)

Photo from Trips for Kids Ottawa (Canada)


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