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May 2019

Our Journey as Trips for Kids National | Sea Otter Classic Hosts 2nd Annual Trips for Kids Jamboree | Celebrating Our Chapter Moms During May

Our Journey as Trips for Kids National

I am writing this post on a beautiful day in May while sitting at an outdoor picnic table at the Gateway Green Dirt Lab - Portland, Oregon’s new bike playground and the site of a future Trips for Kids chapter. The sun is shining and the temps are in the mid-70’s. My 12-year old son is practicing the big jump line, and I just finished a few jumps and a single track run myself on my new Giant Reign enduro bike. Wow, that's a machine. It doesn’t get better than this!

As May is Bike Month, it seems fitting to reflect on our first year and a half of accomplishments. What a journey it has been for our tiny but mighty Trips for Kids national team. Our two main purposes of the new Trips for Kids umbrella organization are to conduct outreach to people everywhere in order to inspire local leadership and support and to also build new chapters while developing resources for our vast network of heritage chapters. We do all this to increase youth skills, independence, physical activity, exposure to nature and diversity through bicycling. We recognize that a bicycle is a tool and gateway for many things including allowing a child to focus better, de-stress, work through anxiety, get fit and so much more. It is a lot of work, but our team is passionate about getting it done and increasing our reach.

Here is a select list of our first year and a half of accomplishments:

  • Built new national team of 4.5 staff, established new 501c3 nonprofit organization and established a national Board of Directors with 8 members;
  • Implemented new mission, vision, goals, including 10% chapter growth per year, 10% increase in kids per year, reaching 50,000 new kids by the end of 2023;
  • Launched seven new chapters: Chenango, NY; Sacramento, CA; Palmdale, CA; Tulare County, CA; Erie, PA; Mid-Columbia, WA; and Wolf Point, Montana;
  • Developing ten more emerging chapters throughout the US;
  • Shipped out 43 Chapter Support Packages to our heritage chapters, each valued at $2,000, with bike parts, supplies and accessories;
  • Shipped out seven Chapter Startup packages for the new chapters, each one with a fleet of 5 new Giant mountain bikes, plus up to $2,000 in bike parts, supplies, accessories and tools;
  • Soft launched a new National Retail Network, to help chapters to raise funds and save money;
  • Negotiated and created a number of discounts and giveaways for chapters;
  • Gained 27 plus corporate sponsors, new foundation grants, individual supporters;
  • Finalizing Trail Rides Program and Earn-a-Bike Workshop Guidebooks;
  • Outreach through new social media accounts, featuring news, chapter spotlights, posts, growing the movement; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube;
  • Created channels for local leaders to network and learn from each other: Chapter Advisory Council, private Facebook page, special topic groups, chapter webinars and round-table discussions, mentor program, online Chapter Resource Portal;
  • New chapter benchmark program - chapter best practices, technical assistance and launch process;
  • Attended Interbike and Sea Otter Classic trade shows, created and participated in youth panel discussion at Interbike, and hosted two annual Sea Otter Youth Jamboree camping events for 30-40 youth each year;
  • Negotiated and developed chapter insurance affinity program with NIAC/ANI;

Over the past year we have developed friendships and partnerships with other bicycle-oriented groups, including Little Bellas, People for Bikes, Safe Routes to School National Partnership, NICA, Free Bikes 4 Kids, USA BMX and USA Cycling, among others. In fact, thanks to People for Bikes and several funders we were able to meet in Bentonville, Arkansas this month where we agreed to organize and maximize our collective impact. We meet again later this summer and early fall - more to come...

We are very happy with the progress of our 30-year-old startup organization and we hope you will continue to support us any way you can! Learn more about us by visiting

Bike on,

Robert Alan Ping

Executive Director


Sea Otter Classic Hosts 2nd Annual Trips for Kids Jamboree!

Trips for Kids made its annual pilgrimage to Sea Otter Classic last month in Monterey, California and what a few days it was!

We kicked this year’s event off by exhibiting at a brand new booth location with better foot (and bike) traffic. Mother nature was blowing hard our first day with 60 mph wind gusts, but our tents survived and we welcomed hundreds of happy shoppers who purchased clothing products donated by our incredible sponsors, including Giant BicyclesPrimal Wear , and Zoic.

The winds calmed down by the second day, and we had the opportunity to talk with our customers and corporate sponsors. Many shared that they LOVE supporting what we do! Visit here to view full story and see festival photos.


Celebrating Our Chapter Moms During May

"MOM" or "MOTHER" is defined in a variety of ways. Most people think of a mother as someone who is nurturing and who strives to enrich children's lives by helping them learn skills that equip them with becoming well rounded, confident human beings.

We have many strong and caring women who hold various roles at our chapters. Like most moms or motherly figures, they juggle multiple responsibilities.

Our Trips for Kids moms work hard to teach youth about life through our tool, the bicycle, and we wanted them to know how much they are appreciated. Throughout Bike Month we have been highlighting our chapter mothers by sharing photos of them with their children on social media.

Here is a selection of photos of some of our Trips for Kids mothers.

Trips for Kids FLIPANY Chapter Director, Lynne Kunins, photographed with her son.

Trips for Kids TAOS Chapter Director, Susie Fiore photographed with her son.

"Sharing my love of riding is important to me because bikes quite literally changed my life. In the years since I started cycling, I've come to see what my body and mind can truly do. Cycling has contributed to my health in so many ways, and also my ability to deal with stress, because nothing feels better than being on two wheels, out in nature."

~Jaime Baeza, Trips for Kids Tulare County Chapter Co-director, owner of Vintage Metal Co and mom

Trips for Kids Tulare County Co-Director, Jaime Baeza, photographed with her daughters.


Trips for Kids Sacramento Director, Elle Steele, taking her mom and son for a ride.

Trips for Kids Sacramento Chapter Director, Elle Steele, shares a tribute to her very own 'bicycle mom.'

"My mom is half of where I got my biking genes from. It is truly not surprising that I am who I am after growing up with the stories of how she rode across the country when she was 20 or how she and my dad moved from Santa Cruz to Davis (California) by bicycle."

Read more of Elle's blog post by visiting this link.



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