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Sample video below!

No need to hire a professional video crew. Simply pull out your phone and start recording. Amy Carver assisted TFK's Midcoast Main Director, Cary Huggins, in creating this video outside using just an iPhone 4.

contest information and rules:

What is the purpose of this contest?
Everyone loves a good story.

We will use the videos collected in various ways. Footage excerpts of a video may be eventually used in a longer different video format. We may share your stories with our sponsors and/or supporters. They could be shown on our social media channels. Trips for Kids would like to showcase the individuals who make up our Trips for Kids family. 

What do you need me to do?
Create an amateur video that runs 30-seconds or less and answers one or more of the following:

  • Why I became a Trips for Kids director.
  • Why I started a Trips for Kids chapter in my area.
  • What Trips for Kids means to me.

Qualifying Videos
Videos can be filmed using your smart phone, tablet device or video camera – any device that can produce a digital video.

  • Videos must be 30-seconds or less
  • Sound on video should be clear with limited background noise. Meaning that the main subject’s voice should be heard clearly above any activity or people in the background.
  • Video subject should be clearly visible without shadows
  • Videos outside next to or on bikes are preferred; however, videos filmed at various locations are fine as long as they are not filmed in front of a plain white wall

What if I do not want to be the one on video?

For our camera-shy chapter directors, you can identify a youth participant, parents of a participant, volunteer or ride leader who has a compelling story and ask one of the following:      

  • What Trips for Kids means to me.
  • Why I became involved in Trips for Kids.

Is there a format we should follow?
Yes, please use this format to share your information:

Begin with sharing the individual's name (first name required, but a participant does not have to disclose full name unless they feel comfortable doing so.)

  • The Trips for Kids chapter's name they are representing
  • The location of their Trips for Kids chapter
  • Followed by the answer to a question or questions provided.

How does the contest work?

  • Your chapter will receive one entry for each 30-second video submitted. For example, if a chapter submits five different 30-second videos (participants could be the director, a volunteer, two youth, one parent, etc.) the chapter gets five contest entries included.

What could you win?

Sharing your story in a short video will earn you a chance to win one of two fabulous prizes.You can choose between a Trips for Kids jersey OR this unique “More kids on bikes” sign made by Trips for Kids Tulare County.






How do we submit our videos?
Submit your individual video(s) either as an email attachment, sent directly to Amy with the subject: "Trips for Kids (your chapter's name) Contest Video" OR upload your video(s) to an individual folder on Google Drive or Dropbox and share the folder with Amy. Please title your folder: "Trips for Kids (your chapter's name) Contest Video." All entries must be received by Saturday, June 30. Two entry names will be drawn on July 1 and the winners will be notified after to determine prize preference.

For each video you submit, please include the in the body of your email, a basic description about the video. This should include the main subject’s name (names can be tricky, so please triple check the spelling) and his/her association to the chapter. For example: "This is Amy Carver, she is the chapter and marketing support manager with Trips for Kids and has been with our program for seven months." 

Note:  Gmail only allows messages up to 25 MB. If your file w/message is larger than 25MB, you will need to upload your video either as a Google Drive attachment or upload to a shared Dropbox folder.

How do I create the best presentation?

Remember, amateur videos are called "amateur" for a reason. We do not expect them to be perfect; however there are ways to increase the opportunity of good footage and sound by filming in an area that does not have have a great deal of background noise or is to sunny.  Filming outdoors in front of your program participants or bicycle is possible too. If you are filming in a sunny environment, you may want to choose a spot where lightening shines from the front side, not directly in front of or behind you. You may want to consider wearing a branded Trips for Kids t-shirt, jersey, or hat if you have one.

Most viral videos were filmed by someone with a handheld camera so don't put to much stress on yourself, just have fun with the video.


Please make sure that individuals you are filming have signed video waivers allowing for their image and information to be shared. 

When and how will we know who wins?

Two chapters names will be drawn on August 20 by our founder, Marilyn Price. It is possible for your chapter's name to be drawn twice. Winning chapters can choose between two prizes which are a Trips for Kids Jersey, or a unique metal sign created by our new Trips for Kids Tulare Chapter which reads "more kids on bikes". If your chapter's name is drawn twice, you will automatically receive one jersey and one metal sign. If two different chapters win, they will each have the option of choosing which prize they want.

Feel free to contact Amy at with any additional questions.