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Mobile Bike Clinics


Mobile Bike Clinics bring the joy of biking and bike ownership to kids at their school or community after-school sites. Trips for Kids provides the bikes, helmets and tools, as well as adult instructors who give lessons on bike safety, skill development and basic bike maintenance.


Mobile Bike Clinics offer lessons in basic bike and traffic safety at safe neighborhood locations such as parks, school campuses and empty parking lots.


Kids get to practice their riding skills and develop improved balance, mental focus and coordination by completing short riding courses that challenge their balance, steering and knowledge.


Lessons in bike maintenance teach responsibility and pride in ownership, and help to foster independence and self- reliance. Students learn how to work with their hands, use and care for tools, and achieve goals.


Mobile Bike Clinics often incorporate trail or urban rides. Riding bikes develops an increased understanding of the benefits of exercise. Kids may notice improved fitness levels, especially those who’ve participated in multiple rides.

Mobile Bike Clinics - How It Works:

1. Local Trips for Kids chapter leaders establish a working relationship with local schools, parks and recreation departments, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA chapters, churches, and other youth- related organizations. Then we invite them to ride and learn!

2. The local Trips for Kids chapter acquires or borrows all-terrain, or ‘mountain’ bicycles for kids to use, especially those from lower-income communities, or kids will bring their own bicycles to Mobile Bike Clinics. The Trips for Kids national office gives chapters access to discounted or free bicycles that have been donated by bicycle industry sponsors.

3. The chapter will either rent, purchase or borrow long-term bicycle fleet storage space in a secure location. This is often a spare room in a school or recreation center, or perhaps a rental storage unit, or a shipping container or trailer, or a room in someone’s house or garage. Chapters will schedule volunteer work parties at least once per year to maintain the program’s bicycles.

4. The chapter will rent, borrow or purchase a suitable vehicle and/or trailer to transport bicycles, equipment or kids. Often chapters will purchase a passenger van and a trailer that can carry up to 15 kids and bicycles. The van and trailer can be ‘wrapped’ with the local chapter’s logo, images, website URL or other branding elements.

5. Mobile Bike Clinics bring the program to where the kids are. On specified dates, the chapter will bring the bicycles and equipment (or kids) to a school field, park, open space, or other suitable location that is conveniently located close to where kids live, play and learn.

6. The clinic begins! Mobile Bike Clinics commonly include a fun group trail ride, bicycle riding safety lessons, bicycle repair and maintenance lessons, and a bicycling skills training session using plastic cones or other objects.

7. After the lessons, practice and fun activities are completed, chapter leaders will commonly have the kids form a circle and discuss how the event went, what the kids learned, their “Aha!” moments, and other debriefing techniques. Some chapters will give out certificates of achievement and/or prizes to clinic participants.