Providence, Rhode Island Chapter Director's mission is to get his students outside to learn.

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Tom Bacon is passionate about education. He spent 24-years as a teacher in Providence, Rhode Island.

He is also a father and husband. Between his family and his responsibilities as an assistant principal, I asked him why he decided to add even more to his plate by forming a Trips for Kids chapter in his area. 

Tom had this to say, "Every child should experience the benefits of cycling and outdoor activity.  Exercise, fresh air, safety and fun are the primary goals of learning to ride a bike. For many of us, growing up cycling made every trip down the driveway, around the block, or with friends an adventure.  Our world became smaller and we became more aware of our community.”  Unfortunately, that is not the case for all children today. 

As parents and educators, we strive to create extended opportunities and adventures for our children and students. Within our school partnerships, children become connected, both locally and globally.

Trips for Kids brings the adventure to them; visits from adults who are positive role models, racers, Olympic and world-class athletes, bicycle mechanics, etc. promote cycling as a healthy sport by bringing their experiences to life. Bicycling focuses on health, safety and environmental responsibility.  Schools can tailor these visits to support science, math, engineering, and social studies classes, while providing positive role models for children."

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Formed in 2015, Tom is a school passionate about his Trips for Kids Providence chapter and enjoys getting children outside to experience the beauty in his area.

The children he works with  include those with special needs. He helps them learn to ride on specially adapted bikes at his school.

Tom also formed a local nonprofit with another local Trips for Kids director, Edward Raff that introduces children to bike racing called 1 PVD ("1 Providence"). His nonprofit operates weekly in conjunction with the Physical Education and Adaptive Physical Education program schedules. He will also be announcing a cycling club for both Fall and Spring that will be held once per week in order to introduce / support cycling to Providence school students. 

With all that he is doing, I asked him how he manages to keep himself organized, which he jokingly responded, "My four year old daughter is my Trips for Kids program manager, her greatest strength is keeping me grounded and open to any possibility."  It appears that Tom believes anything is possible and he continues to champion in Providence to introduce cycling to both kids in his school and surrounding areas.

If you would like to learn more about Trips for Kids Providence, please contact Tom at or follow their Facebook page. They are just beginning their following on social media and would love your support!


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