Trips for Kids Visits With Cycle Without Limits

Photographed from left to right, Walt Custer, Bicycle Specialist/Longtime Volunteer of TFK and CWL, Marilyn Price, and Founder and Camp Director, Elaine McHugh, PH.D.

Photographed from left to right, Walt Custer, Bicycle Specialist/Longtime Volunteer of TFK and CWL, Marilyn Price, and Founder and Camp Director, Elaine McHugh, PH.D.

Many of us imagine Trips for Kids founder, Marilyn Price, wearing a super hero cape due to her many accomplishments, including taking Trips for Kids from a small local program to a national movement. Although super heroes will sometimes work alone, some have help and Marilyn has a huge soft spot in her heart for her very first Trips for Kids volunteer champion, Walt Custer.

Marilyn shares, “I honestly don't know if I would have been able to start Trips for Kids without Walt. He helped me obtain mountain bikes and develop the programming for an American Youth Hostel initiative I was working with before I even started Trips for Kids. When I founded our organization in 1988, he was a tremendous help for years and years. He joined our early trips and would bring his tandem (bicycle) for kids who had difficulty completely the trip.” 

Even after Marilyn retired from Trips for Kids Marin, remaining to serve on the chapter’s advisory board and acting as an adviser to a new national team, Walt still volunteers for the 30-year old organization.

When Trips for Kids Support and Sponsorship Manager, Andy Phelps, started working with new partner woom bikes this year, he instantly thought of Walt and another organization Walt was passionate about - Cycle Without Limits. “I felt this other organization could benefit from high quality lightweight bicycles such as the woom balance bikes. My national team thought it was a great idea so I rang my woom contacts to let them know what we planned to do. They were excited about the idea too. After that I immediately contacted Walt to see if we could be of help.” During that call, Walt extended an invitation for us to visit Cycle Without Limits’ opening day of bike camp.

Cycle Without Limits is an instructional program that teaches school-aged children with disabilities how to ride conventional two-wheeled bicycles.  Each child is assigned an adaptive trainer bike during their one hour and fifteen minute sessions.  What looks similar to training wheels is actually a specially designed device that mounts onto the back wheel and provides air pressure that helps keep riders upright.

On Monday, January 28, armed with woom bikes, a therapy puppy and a great deal of enthusiasm, Marilyn, Andy and Trips for Kids Marin’s Earn-a-Bike Manager, Rogers Holmes, headed to Sonoma State University to support Walt and the Cycle Without Limits team.

Marilyn shared, “Walt is a person with a huge heart who is always helping people, so I was not surprised that he turned to helping Cycle Without Limits.” 

This was also the first time Cycle Without Limits, Founder and Camp Director, Elaine McHugh, PH.D. had ever met Marilyn in person. “I couldn’t believe these two youth organization leaders had never had a chance to get together so it was really heartwarming to watch these two incredible ladies interact and share their passion,” explained Andy, “With the bicycle industry going through some challenges, it is really important organizations support one another. Together, we can get through these tough times and make sure we all do our part to positively impact the lives of as many youth as possible across North America.”

Click THIS LINK to learn more about Cycle Without Limits.

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