Minneapolis Chapter Receives New Bikes

On September 15, our Trips for Kids City of Lakes chapter received 5 new bicycles from Zevia (zero calorie drinks), Giant Bicycles, and Liv Bicycles, helping to augment a fleet of bikes stolen last year from their storage trailer. In this photo, program participants get ready to ride the new bikes!


New St. Paul, MN Chapter Launches

Thanks to support from the Sanneh Foundation, Zevia (zero calorie drinks), Giant Bicycles, Liv Bicycles, and local Framed Bikes, our Minneapolis chapter director, Anthony Taylor, right, officially opened a new St. Paul-based Trips for Kids River City chapter with 25 new bikes, helmets and water bottles! Our national executive director, Robert Alan Ping, left, attended the Zevia-sponsored launch party on September 15, as part of the 2019 Minneapolis Bike Tour event, along with Anthony and kids from the Twin Cities area. Youth of all sizes were able to ride a skills course and watch BMX pros do back flips on a mega jump! (and drink lots of zero sugar, zero calorie Zevia, of course)


Zevia’s “Live Your Best Ride” Reaches Minneapolis - 1,950 miles ridden.

Zevia is a beverage company committed to providing zero sugar, zero calorie beverage options to help you live a healthier lifestyle. On August 6, Robert Gay, Zevia’s Chief Strategy Officer and Exec. VP of Sales and Marketing, began an almost 5,000-mile bike ride from Neah Bay, Washington to Key West, Florida. Robert is in Minneapolis, and has now pedaled over 1,950 miles, where he joined us for the opening of a new St Paul chapter, receiving 15 new bike sets from Zevia and Giant/Liv, and another 10 bikes from local Framed Bikes! Plus our Minneapolis chapter received 5 new bike sets from Zevia/Giant/Liv to help replace their fleet stolen from a storage trailer last year. Robert is pursuing a dream inspired by his late brother, while raising awareness and donations for Trips for Kids. Zevia is donating 72 new bike sets to our chapters along the route, which will help thousands of kids be curious, explore the outdoors and learn through adventure. For more information, visit

Trips for Kids Promoted in The Red Bicycle

In this unique nonfiction picture book, the main character is a bicycle that starts its life like so many bicycles in North America, being owned and ridden by a young boy. The boy, Leo, treasures his bicycle so much he gives it a name --- Big Red. But eventually Leo outgrows Big Red, and this is where the bicycle's story takes a turn from the everyday, because Leo decides to donate it to an organization that ships bicycles to Africa. This book makes an excellent choice for cultural studies classes. This book also offers an excellent opportunity for expanding character education lessons on caring, compassion and empathy to include the wider world.



Happy 5th Anniversary Wildwood Chapter!

Established in August of 2014, Trips for Kids Wildwood, located in Norman, Oklahoma celebrates their 5-year anniversary this month.

Led by their chapter director, Richard Gray, and supported by his small but mighty team of volunteers, this chapter makes an impact in their community by operating Discovery Trail Rides and an Adventure Club.

Trips for Kids Wildwood is sponsored by Wildwood Church.


Birmingham Chapter Raises Funds for Blind Rider

by Doug Brown, Trips for Kids Birmingham Executive Director

About two weeks ago two young men came into our ReCyclery on a Sunday afternoon. One was dressed in biking clothes and the other was behind him holding onto the front guy's shoulder. The man had a cane and was obviously blind.

Mark was in front and Ryan was behind. Mark had been in the shop previously and they wanted to look at a tandem that we had. We pumped up the tires and I asked Mark if he had tandem experience. He said that he did and we wheeled the tandem out for him to try. At that point, I couldn't watch and went back inside.

I looked out a few times and saw them go back and forth by the shop. About 45 minutes later they came back in without any cuts or scrapes and Ryan was excited about the experience. We knocked $100 off the price and Mark said that they needed to talk to Ryan's mom about finances.

I emailed some of my biking friends around the country to share this neat experience and they immediately replied that they wanted to be involved with the financing. I felt it would be a more meaningful experience if my friends talked directly to Ryan. I got a call from Ryan's mom to thank everyone for their support.

I'm happy to share that the tandem bicycle has a new home with Ryan!

New Coffee Wholesaler to Raise Funds for Trips for Kids

Endurance Coffee is a new drop ship website that has started selling coffee to the endurance athlete community.

Earlier this summer, Endurance Coffee, reached out to Trips for Kids to offer support. They will be donating 3% of all annual sales of Endurance Coffee to Trips for Kids! Please visit their website, listed above, to learn more and maybe even try some java yourself!


Trips for Kids


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  • 10% more chapters per year

  • 60,000 more kids served by end of 2023



For 31 years we have been providing transformative experiences and personal empowerment for young people of all communities, especially those most in need.

When we go mountain biking, they encourage us not to give up, that we can do it, that anything’s possible, so they don’t give up on us. That’s all that matters, we need people not to give up on us.
— Alejandra


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