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A Giant Industry Leader with a Giant Heart

Advocacy is not just a word, but a common practice at Giant Bicycles. Industry leaders can choose to lead in a variety of ways with leadership extending far beyond their product's market share. Giant Bicycles is not only a cycling industry leader, but is also a leader in creating a corporate culture that strives to encourage their employees, customers and the general public alike to give back to their communities. Via their main tool, the bicycle, the corporation actively supports programs that encourage others to lead healthier lives while also championing for safer bike paths and trails for all to enjoy.

Last year, Trips for Kids was in need of a sponsor to support our chapter expansion campaign. Giant Bicycles immediately stepped up and stepped in to fill the need by committing to providing our new chapters with small bike fleets to get them started. “At Giant; our mantra is “Ride Life”. This is not just a catchy ad phrase. We sincerely believe in the power of the bicycle to change and enrich lives forever. For 30 years Trips for Kids chapters have been using the bicycle as a tool for human development. Exposing our youth to a world of possibilities outside of their world, guiding them through critical self-discovery of inner strength, selfless teamwork and the brilliance of nature. We are honored to support those who do the right thing to develop hope and good people for our future,” stated John Munhall, Director of Product Management at Giant Bicycles when asked what made the company decide to support the organization.

Since 1972, Giant Bicycles has blazed a trail to making biking accessible for all and by doing so has been a catalyst for change in the industry, engineering & manufacturing innovative, and sometime disruptive, products to enhance the riding experience for their customers no matter what type of cycling they love to do. You can find their products in more than 12,000 retail stores around the world.

The company is known as the world's largest manufacturer of quality bicycles, but Trips for Kids also knows Giant Bicycles for their Giant heart. "Their core values align with what we teach our youth participants each day," states Robert Alan Ping, executive director for Trips for Kids, "We use the bicycle to teach about the journey of life and the importance of respecting themselves, others and the environment. We teach kids to recognize their potential by pushing their boundaries and comfort zones. We teach kids to be open to new experiences. Like Giant Bicycles, we hope to make these lessons available to all, by making our programming accessible to as many communities as we are able to. Our goal is to reach another 120,000 kids within the next five years and with Giant Bicycles as a member of our Trips for Kids family, we know we'll get there."

To learn more about Giant Bicycles connection to their communities visit their advocacy page.

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